The Stuff of Legend 2022 (TWO versions!)

This is the first proper track I wrote and recorded after getting my first music production software (Opcode Vision) in 1994. It would later be released on my album “Gravitas” in 2010. But I just couldn’t stop picking at it. Various versions using various software were brought to various levels of completion over the years, but now at last I have a version I’m as happy with as I was the original. Actually, two versions.

The first version is somewhat similar in tone to the 1994 version, but with bits snipped out here and there, a new foghorn-based intro, and some tighter MIDI editing to correct some original awkwardness.

The second version, developed in parallel with the first over the last several weeks, is quite different, though it does make use of much of the original recording data. For this one, I thought it was time to put my BBC Symphony Orchestra library through its paces (and vice versa). This straight-up orchestral version gets its instruments almost entirely from that library.

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