Here are some playlists for the remake/remodel tracks I’ve been doing lately. (By the way, Re-make/Re-model is the name of the first song on the first Roxy Music album, apropos of nothing…)

(10 tracks, 57 minutes)

All the songs, in order, originally from my CD called Gravitas.

Other Revisited Songs
(14 tracks, 1 hour 28 minutes)

New Songs
(11 tracks, 57 minutes)

ALL Songs
(36 tracks, 3 hours 22 minutes)

Here’s an embedded version of the SoundCloud playlist of just the ten newly reproduced Gravitas songs.

The “new” and the “all” playlists will likely get some new material from time to time, and I have just one more in progress for the “other revisited” playlist. Thanks for listening.

Gravitas cover

Gravitas cover