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Long Pine Office Table

Here’s a look at the long pine table made of Eastern White Pine that I made for Lynda’s office. She was going to buy some cheap IKEA crap, but as I joked at the time, I felt I had the both the tools and the know-how to make our own cheap IKEA crap. Only not as cheap. And it doesn’t come apart for shipping in flat boxes. It’s had 3 coats of Wipe-on Poly (5 on the top) and some paste wax to shine it up a bit. It’s not perfect, but it turned out pretty well I think!

Pine Table - Finished!
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Two Tiny Treens and a Tooney

This is a pair of small woodturnings, called treens by some (particularly by Beall Tool Co., the maker of the Treen Mandrel System which I used to turn these.)

Two Tiny Treens

A Canadian two-dollar coin, a tooney, is included for scale. And in fact they’d be good for collecting your toonies and other loose change.

Two Tiny Treens and a Tooney

My Publisher

When I was a young kid, it used to be a fun thing to periodically sit at the dining room table and bring out the shoebox of family photos, and divvy them up between my sister and me. Dad would keep a few too. The goal was to create our own photo albums of the photos we had selected.

As I got older I would continue this practice of curating the best of my photos into photo albums. But with the digital age upon us, like many people I found myself with fewer photos and slides and negatives to manage and archive, but with mounting numbers of their digital equivalents.

And you can’t exactly put a JPEG into a photo album now can you?

Well sure you can, as I would soon find out.

For ten years or so I have, from time to time, trotted out my virtual shoebox of photos to put together a photo album. Not just a virtual album, as you would do on Flickr or Facebook, but a real world honest-to-goodness published book of photographs.

There are lots of ways to accomplish this, but the service I chose and stuck with was My Publisher (

I recently did a couple of new albums, which they call “photobooks”. One is to showcase my woodworking projects, the other to collect some photos taken around Owen Sound and Grey and Bruce counties, where we now live.

Here’s the woodworking one:

From the Workshop

Click here (or on the cover photo) to view the whole book.

Here’s the Owen Sound and Grey Bruce one:

Around the Sound

Click here (or on the cover photo) to view the whole book.

I seem to have forgotten to include my name on the Owen Sound book. Duh. That’s what happens when you stay up late to work on these things. But as it’s a print run of only one copy, I think I can remember who took the pictures.

Two Scoops and a Box

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Two Scoops

Two Scoops
When life hands you a heat wave… Here’s a pair of ice cream scoops I just made. The wood is Pau Ferro, the scoop is “platinum gold with gunmetal accents.”

Zebrawood Bubinga Walnut Jewelry Box

Zebrawood Bubinga Walnut Jewelry Box
This is the same box I posted a while ago, except I’ve gone ahead and made it into an actual jewelry box (added the upper tray, the dividers and the blue flocking.)

Zebrawood Bubinga Walnut Jewelry Box

Zebrawood Bubinga Walnut Jewelry Box


X-box, originally uploaded by rgdaniel.

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I made this tiny little X-box for Lynda, for our X-th anniversary. You can’t play games on it, but it will store a small amount of cheese.

Zebrawood, Bubinga, and Walnut, Oh My.

This is a medium-sized (roughly 10″ x 7″ x 5″) general-purpose treasure box. I may still add dividers for the jewelry box treatment, we’ll see. It’s a real multi-species affair, with zebrawood front and back, figured bubinga sides, and a walnut lid.

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Zebrawood Box

Zebrawood Box

New Slimline and Streamline Pens for July 2012

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Slimline Pens - July 2012
Nine new “Slimline” pens with gold plating. Woods, left to right, are purpleheart (3), padauk (3),zebrawood (2), and bubinga (1).

Streamline Pens - July 2012
Six new “Streamline” pens with gold plating. Woods, left to right, are zebrawood (3), and olivewood(3).

At the moment, all are available, so holler if you’d like anything.

Nine Pens

Nine Pens, originally uploaded by rgdaniel.

Via Flickr:
Nine pens to rule them all… or just write them some letters perhaps… there were supposed to be ten pens, but one exploded on the lathe… these things happen, one out of ten is not a bad rate of spoilage for turnings… click the photo to view larger…

As with most things in life, these ARE for sale.