R.I.P. Cody 2010-2021

We had to say goodbye to Cody, our sweet sweet boy, today. It was time. He was all skin and bones, and starting to go downhill quickly. I don’t think he was full-on suffering quite yet (he was such a suck that he would have let us know, I think) but he clearly soon would be, as things had begun to escalate.

We adopted Cody in May 2013 from an organization that placed retired racing dogs from the States. There was a bit of a mix-up, though. He came to us with the call name Cody, and racing name Cactus Gold, but some time later, we got a phone call saying that his real call name was Casey, racing name Toots Satellite. We were already calling him Cody at this point, so we stuck with that. (Casey, as it turned out, would be the name we gave our second greyhound years later, as an homage).

Being our first greyhound, we were at first a bit taken aback by the sheer scale of him. He was a big boy, and oddly proportioned. Teeny tiny waistline, giant chest. Like a Barbie Doll crossed with a horse. Kinda.

One of the first things he did, was VERY tentatively walk out onto our little dock, and then soon after, just walk off the end, into the pond. I think it was either his first dock or his first pond. (He was fine, just wet).

And oh my goodness, did Cody love to run! Not surprising for a greyhound, I suppose. Any time of year. Mud season was not fun for the cleanup crew, but something about fresh powder in winter seemed to really rev him up (Casey too, it would later turn out). At one point after that clip was shot, I measured the distance between where he left the ground and where he returned to earth. I don’t remember exactly, but I think it was twelve feet. Serious hang time!

So long Cody boy. We miss you already!

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