Killarney Park, 1988 (new scans)

I just bought a new Canon scanner (CanoScan LiDE 220, it says here) and set about to test its photo scanning capability. I found these prints in an album, they’re from 1988. This was one of my earliest solo “interior” camping trips (I put that in quotes because while it was technically interior, the George Lake campsites require no portages.)

Killarney Provincial Park, in general, of all the many several places I’ve been, is one of my favourite places on the planet.

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1988 Canoe POV George Lake Killarney

1988 George Lake Killarney

1988 View From the Canoe George Lake Campsite Killarney

1988 Overlooking George Lake Killarney

1988 Under the Tarp George Lake Campsite Killarney

1988 Campfire and Canoe George Lake Killarney

1988 Chikanishing Creek Exit to Georgian Bay Killarney

Here’s a relaxing video (not mine) shot on George Lake:

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