Barkwhistle Snow Trench and Overhang

We’ve had so much snow this winter that the path to the front door, and the path to the backyard fenced-in area, have become trenches that are now dramatically deep. Which means the dog can stay off leash on the way to the back, because where’s he gonna go?

Beautiful as the Moon, now with big floating guy in the sky

When I was on my honeymoon in Killarney Provincial Park with my trophy wife Lynda, I took some photos, as one does. One of them, a photo of the full moon rising over the trees of Bell Lake, eventually became this photo:

Beautiful as the Moon... (redux)

It was very successful (by my standards anyway) on Flickr, and when it recently got another Fave, I decided to do a Goggle image search on it, as one does. It’s always fun to see who’s stealing photos for their own purposes. As one does. So this photo, a fully secular tribute to the full moon, so pagan you can almost hear me howling, got re-purposed into some kind of Hindu prayer talisman, or something. Of all things. The guy floating in the sky, needless to say, was added by others and does not meet with my approval.

Lynda said “why don’t you issue a take-down”. I said I’d be doing that every day, assuming I knew how and had endless funds to give to lawyers. Anyway I thought it was amusing. Here’s the link to the offending website, tagline “where devotion meets reality” LOL.

Front Hall Table

Finally finished finishing the finish on this small table for the front hall entry area of the house.

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Front Hall Table 1

The table is made of walnut with maple racing stripes for speed and agility. Standard mortise and tenon joinery was used. The finish is about 4-6 coats of Minwax Wipe-On Poly (more on the top).

Front Hall Table 2

The shape of the top is kind of a modified octagon. Octagons are a bit of a theme around here: there’s a small octagonal window above the front door, the front garden bed is octagonal. There’s even an octagonal planter (or small umbrella stand) pictured on the floor there in the corner.

Front Hall Table 3

I’ve been dawdling over this one all summer, nice to see it finally done.

Front Hall Table 4

Hall Table (Unfinished)

A small table for the front hall, this has not yet had any finish applied, and the top is not yet attached, but otherwise it’s done! Finally. I’ve been dithering over this one, both design and execution, for many weeks. This is its last stop in the shop before coming inside for final cleanup and finishing.

Hall Table Unfinished (1)

Lynda suggested the stripes would look better at the front, an idea I’m warming to. Don’t have to make that decision until I attach the top, though, which will be the very last thing. I do think the legs at the back in this view look a bit better facing forward.

Hall Table Unfinished (2)

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