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Flowerpot Island Cruise (part 3)

This is the last bunch, expect for the other 140 or so pictures I didn’t post. It’s good to have limits.

As always, click any photo to view larger on Flickr.

Cove Island Lighthouse

Our last island (apart from tiny Echo Island) before Flowerpot, is the rather large Cove Island, the highlight of which is the Cove Island Lighthouse. This marks the main shipping entrance to Georgian Bay from Lake Huron. Some very large ships depend on this beacon. Dating back to 1858, this 80 foot-tall structure is one of a series of six nearly identical early lighthouses called The Imperial Towers, built on Lake Huron by the Canadian Government.

Cove Island Lighthouse and Chi-Cheemaun

A view of the Cove Island Lighthouse with the Chi-Cheemaun disappearing into the distance on its way across the open waters towards Manitoulin Island.

Flowerpot Island Light Keepers Home

Here we see the residence (no longer in use) of the Flowerpot Island light keeper. The light keeper would live here from May to October, with his family joining him for the summer months. They would have gardens and rasie vegetables, and one even kept a cow. These days, the light, seen at far left in this photo, is an automated beacon (as they are in all lighthouses now) and the residence is just a stop along the hiking trail.

Flowerpot Island Flowerpot

This is the larger of the two flowerpots on Flowerpot Island, standing at about 50 feet tall. The smaller, still out of view to the left, stands about 35 feet.

Here we see both Flowerpot Island flowerpots, the larger one in the background, the smaller one in the foreground. In the original, there are probably two dozen people enjoying the rocky beach and coastline. In this version, I carefully removed all but one of those people. See if you can find the remaining human. No hints except to say that the word “topless” is in effect.

You’ll need to view the original size to find the remaining human.

This concludes our tour of Fathom Five National Marine Park. Stay tuned for photos from Blue Heron’s Sunset Cruise, which I may do next week. And no, they’re not paying me. They should.

Flowerpot Island Cruise (part 1)
Flowerpot Island Cruise (part 2)

View all the photos from all 3 parts as a slideshow on Flickr.

Flowerpot Island Cruise (part 2)

This is the second in a three part series, depicting a tour of Fathom Five National Marine Park, including Flowerpot Island.

As always, click any photo to view larger on Flickr.

Big Tub Lighthouse

Guarding the entrance to Big Tub, Tobermory’s other natural harbour (along with Little Tub, where we boarded), Big Tub Lighthouse dates back to 1885. Scuba divers explore the 15-metre underwater cliffs at the site.


Another tour boat positions over the sunken wreck of the Sweepstakes, a two masted schooner lost in 1885, and lying just two metres below the surface of Big Tub Harbour in Tobermory.


I was actually surprised to see that we have cormorants this close to home. The last time I remember seeing cormorants was in the Galapagos Islands. This is way closer.

Rocky Islets

Our vessel, despite its size, draws only one metre (3 feet) of water, and so the captain can take us in fairly close, and navigate through channels generally available only to smaller craft.

Chi-Cheemaun Ferry

The enormous ferry MS Chi-Cheemaun begins its crossing of Lake Huron to South Baymouth on Manitoulin Island.

Flowerpot Island Cruise (part 1)
Flowerpot Island Cruise (part 3)

View all the photos from all 3 parts as a slideshow on Flickr.

Flowerpot Island Cruise (part 1)

This is the first in a three part series, depicting a tour of Fathom Five National Marine Park, including Flowerpot Island.

As always, click any photo to view larger on Flickr.


Guess where I was today?

Blue Heron Cruises, Tobermory

Blue Heron Cruises offers several choices of vessel, plying the waters of Fathom Five National Marine Park, near Tobermory.

Flowerpot Express Jetboat - full complement aboard

This jetboat is a new addition to the fleet, called the Flowerpot Express. It’s basically a water taxi out to Flowerpot Island. If you take the larger Blue Heron V to Flowerpot, you still have to transfer to one of these jetboats to get ashore.

I was watching this boat running at speed out on the Bay… it zips along pretty good… but the passengers were getting pretty wet from the bow spray, it looked like.

Blue Heron V - Little Tub Harbour

This is a medium sized craft called the Blue Heron V. It does a tour of the sunken wrecks in Big Tub Harbour (This is Little Tub we see here) and then does a run over to Flowerpot Island.

Great Blue Heron approaching dock

The flagship vessel of Blue Heron Cruises is the Great Blue Heron. Which makes sense, ornithologically speaking. This was to be my vessel of choice this day. I sat topside, starboard, forward-most seat. Ahoy, mateys, I know some jargon.

Flowerpot Island Cruise(part 2)
Flowerpot Island Cruise(part 3)

View all the photos from all 3 parts as a slideshow on Flickr.

Grape Futures

Our grape vine takes over more of our little patio every year, providing shade for sitting, and shelter for barbecuing in the rain (up to a point). Looks like we’re in for a bumper crop this year, prompting the eventual debate: “Jam or Jelly?”

Grape Futures 1

Grape Futures 2

Grape Futures 3

Grape Futures 4

Chillin’ by the pond

Steamy hot day here at Barkwhistle, bullfrogs are in full voice, dogs are moving kinda slow.

Chillin' By the Pond - Bell

Chillin' By the Pond - Frog

Chillin' By the Pond - Silver

Yes, those are the Muskoka Chairs I built, lurking in the background.

Roofer Madness

Due to some minor water infiltration in the sunroom and garage, we decided to deal with it now before the complete economic collapse of Western capitalism. Sorry, just watched “Inside Job“.

Roofer Madness 1

Roofer Madness 2

Roofer Madness 3

Roofer Madness 4

Ducklings in our Pond

Ducklings in our pond 1
(Large size on Flickr, click here)

In past years our local mallards have had only unsuccesful attempts at nesting by our little pond. This year we had seen only drakes, but clearly mom was well hidden, even from the dogs. We’ll have to keep an eye on the dogs with seven little ducklings waddling around… could be trouble…

Ducklings in our pond 2
(Large size on Flickr, click here)

Ducklings in our pond 3
(Large size on Flickr, click here)

Ducklings in our pond 4
(Large size on Flickr, click here)

Jones Falls Mini-hike

Today we went for a short hike in to Jones Falls. The trail was still fairly muddy in spots, but not too bad. Still working out the new camera’s bits and bobs, although I mostly left it on Auto again. The lighting was at times a bit more contrasty than last time shooting, as the sun struggled to come out. And I managed to drop a lens cap in the river. But generally a successful outing.

As always, do click the photos to view larger on Flickr.

Jones Falls Mini-hike - Trailhead
We took the bunny trail. No sign of bunnies though.

Jones Falls Mini-hike - On the Trail
They were actually ahead of me, but I made them turn around for the shot. Photography has its privileges.

Jones Falls Mini-hike - Moss #1
It’s true what they say — moss always grows on the north side of the rock. And by north, I mean top.

Jones Falls Mini-hike - Blazed
Just follow the blue blaze marks. Or the clearly established trail. Or your wife.

Jones Falls Mini-hike - Jones Falls
Jones Falls, Owen Sound. Lots of water this time of year.

Jones Falls Mini-hike - Rest Stop
They weren’t tired, but I made them stop to pose.

Jones Falls Mini-hike - Boulders
Nice boulders.

Jones Falls Mini-hike - Tree Meets Rock
Caught on Film: Vegetable mates with Mineral.

Jones Falls Mini-hike - Moss #2
More mossy goodness.