Sunset Cruise

Yesterday I took the Blue Heron Cruises Sunset Cruise out of Tobermory. I was on board the Great Blue Heron again, the same ship that took us on the Flowerpot Island Cruise last week.

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North Bruce Peninsula

Leaving Little Tub Harbour and proceeding eastward along the north shore of the Bruce Peninsula, the first section is characterized by a rugged enough shoreline by most standards, but with some cottages managing to maintain a foothold.


The shoreline soon changes to a craggier, more rugged look, and would remain so for the rest of the cruise.


It’s never difficult to see the sedimentary nature of the Bruce Peninsula, as part of the Niagara Escarpment.

Jumbled Slabs

Car-sized slabs of broken-off pieces of the escarpment litter the shoreline in places, giving way occasionally to small pristine cobblestone beaches.

Overhanging Point 1

At one point, the captain announced that we were looking at something called “Overhanging Point”. Which seemed odd, because just about every point could well have been called that, as these overhangs were in evidence all along our route.

The Grotto

This is part of The Grotto, a popular feature of Bruce Peninsula National Park (formerly Cyprus Lake Provincial Park).

Overhanging Point 2

Another overhanging point. Not sure which of these was the one actually named Overhanging Point.

Cave Insertion

The shoreline has many of these caves eroded into the rock. A popular feature of the cruise is when the captain positions the bow of the ship right in the cave. The folks standing there can actually touch the cave walls and ceiling. On this day, however, due to onshore winds and a bit of choppiness, this was as close as he dared to go, despite my taunting him and calling him “chicken”.

Great Blue Heron Sunset

Not long afterwards, we turn back westwards and head off into the sunset.

Flowerpot Island Sunset

Flowerpot Island slides by slowly to our starboard side, as we make our way back to Tobermory.