Goodbye Lucy

Life can change in an instant.

This morning, our German Shepherd bit the neighbour lady.

I was coming back from the fenced-in area, keeping a close eye on Lucy as usual, but it was actually Silver, the boxer, who decided he would veer off at the last second and go bark at the neighbours. Which meant Lucy HAD to get a piece of that action, and off she went too.

I should have had them on a leash, but it’s just a short sprint to the fenced area of the yard, and they’re so well conditioned to going straight there and back, usually at a dead run, that I’ve been a bit lax in enforcing the leash thing for that short dash…

So Lucy bit our neighbour. Fortunately with not TOO tragic results — her husband called it a huge nasty bruise. But since this is now the third person she’s bitten that seriously, not counting several more whom she bit much less seriously, I had to say “enough is enough”.

Lucy will be going away to live at the kennel where we got her. Which is definitely better than having her put down, but which still feels tragic. Nine years I had that dog. Longer than I’ve been married. But she’ll be in good hands, at a place where she was always happy to go, and was always on her best behaviour.

This really sucks though.

Lucy, Steenburg Lake.

6 thoughts on “Goodbye Lucy

  1. Kris

    Oh no, this is so, so sad. So sorry to hear this. But yet it’s about as good a solution as one could hope for. It sounds like she’ll be happy, and you won’t be living in fear, waiting for her to chomp somebody’s face off and the resulting lawsuit. I grew up with GSDs, and one was a little bitey. Things could have ended tragically.

  2. Nola Erhardt

    Hi Bob,
    I only “know” you through Heather Dietz’s postings on Facebook, but I have been enjoying your photos and your sense of humour, and I am just so sorry to read about your loss of Lucy. One picture (embedded not on paper but in my mind) comes from the tail end of a very bad break-up: driving away, with the last of my possessions piled high in my car, looking back to see Rio (a Golden Retriever-Samoyd cross) popping from window to window, one ear up and one down (his beseeching, please-take-me-with-you look). How to explain? How to tell him just how much I would miss him? Impossible. All my very best to you.

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