Many times I've travelled to Killarney Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. I've come in peak season and in the off-season, though not yet in winter. I've stayed in the main campground, I've made short forays into the interior, I've slept in my van at the trailhead, on an island in the Bay, and various campsites throughout the Park.

This time, I thought I would go slightly upscale, and decided to book a week during peak summer paddling season, at Blue Mountain Lodge on Bell Lake, an access point into the Killarney Park interior.

The first impression of the Lodge is this sign on the little store they run at dockside (specializing in soft drinks and good advice). It made me laugh.

The actual Lodge is nearly invisible from here, tucked into the trees on the far shoreline of Bell Lake, about a kilometer across the water.

I've brought my canoe, but my official ride soon arrives in a motorboat. We load up and head for the Lodge, canoe in tow.

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