Xmas Snapshots 2002

Christmas card from Lucy and Bell
Bell in Santa hat (BRB)
Lynda and the two Moms

Christmas Eve at Janine's:
Janine and Vena Doreen and Doug
Tracy and Kia Tracy and Lynda
Janine, Vena and Lynda

Christmas Morning at Barb's:
Barb and Chance
Lynda Marg and Chance
Sara and Jamie (sort of)

Later, back at Janine's:
Bob and Lynda
Doug and Janine

Much later, back home (silent night, white christmas)

New Year's Eve:
Dinner, still drying Bob, Lynda, Doreen, Tiger, Bell
Lynda and Doreen Bob and Lynda try different hats
Lucy's tiara Pouring the bubbly
Doreen's regal wave The Kiss

Some new scans:
At Janine's: Bob and Lynda
At Janine's: Bob, Doug, Tracy
At Janine's: Marg, Lynda, Ken
At home: Lynda and Bell (hearth)
At home: Lynda and Bell (tree)

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