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Jazz From Heck

Here’s a new song called “Jazz From Heck”, a reference to Frank Zappa’s “Jazz From Hell” which it in no way compares to or resembles, except maybe suggesting a lightweight, jauntier version of “G-Spot Tornado”. The background video is from a 1940 cartoon called “The Snow Man”, found on

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This is a brand new song, although I did reuse some of the African chanting samples from Intruderbiko, posted earlier, because I like them that much. Don’t look for deep meaning in the title. It does have a meaning, but it’s very silly and not worth explaining, I promise you. The dancing is […]


Belly Dance

This may be the first and only belly dance music written in 13/8 time… (but don’t hold me to that)… A redo of a song originally done in 1995, and released in 2010 on my album “Gravitas”. This version uses mostly the original performance data, but gets a whole new sound to the instrumentation. The […]


Is This Still Your Brain?

Here’s a song called Is This Your Brain? I just finished this 20th anniversary version. I don’t want to say it’s the definitive version, because that would mean committing. But I like it that much. For this version I went back to the original source TV show, because the soundbites I had originally used […]


In A Gadda Sharona

This one’s a bit of fun. Starts out sounding like a slightly adrenalized PBS documentary theme song, eventually sliding into the title mashup. There’s a Frank Zappa song called “In A Gadda Stravinsky” which mashes up Rite of Spring with the Iron Butterfly classic, more cleverly than anyone could hope to do anything. But that’s […]


Erik Satie – Gymnopedie 1

Black like my mood, like my soul. Like Henri Le Chat Noir.

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New song! This one, as the title suggests, features the recurring rhythmic patterns from the first and last songs (Intruder and Biko) on Peter Gabriel’s third untitled (face-melty) solo album. I used those drum patterns (played, not sampled), four bars of one, four bars of the other, lather rinse repeat, and added some other stuff […]



First song of 2016, for your listening or (odds are) ignoring pleasure. It’s called Seven because eight is boring. This is another from my 2004 archives. I’ve been poking at this one for weeks, looking for new ways to approach it, but in the end I made only very minor changes. I quite like this […]


Tubular 2015

Not so much a cover of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells, but rather some new tapestries draped around the original signature piano riff (which riff I have flipped front-to-back, kind of, just to be contrary). This is my third version of this, using mostly the same performance data. First there was a perfectly good version […]


Don’t Step On The Glass

Here’s a brand new song I just finished. It starts and ends with the sound of a wet finger on the rim of a wine glass. A persistent if subtly ambiguous rhythmic pattern carries it along. Authentic mellotron makes an appearance here and there, giving the whole thing a vaguely King Crimsony vibe (overall sounding […]