White Note Privilege

Title is just my politically incorrect way of saying it’s in the key of C. An improvement on the working title “White Notes Matter”, arguably.

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/mSQ9fYfFRp8


Big Duck

No relation to the world’s largest rubber ducky which recently paid a visit to our inner harbour, in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday.

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/5zyalWRDIj4


Soul Patch + Q

Most recently, here’s a song called Soul Patch. The last half, from which the title is derived, is very much not like the first half, so hang in there.

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/ot8VnmNqfkI

Prior to that, this is a not-quite cover of a song you might recognize.

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/Ukb1DutOYN4