Is This Still Your Brain?

Here’s a song called Is This Your Brain? I just finished this 20th anniversary version. I don’t want to say it’s the definitive version, because that would mean committing. But I like it that much. For this version I went back to the original source TV show, because the soundbites I had originally used were a little bit Fawlty. (nyuk nyuk)

Scroll down further for the 2004 and the 1996 versions (audio only).

(YouTube link: )

The background video is from a film called “Frankenstein” produced by J Searle Dawley for the Edison Manufacturing Co. in 1910! The video cameras only had about twelve pixels in those days. Courtesy

But wait, that’s not all! Next up is the 2004 version, which is utterly different. It uses those same English-accented soundbites, but is otherwise its own beast.

Finally, and originally, here’s the 1996 version, which provided most of the performance data for the current version, and still holds up well, I think.

SoundCloud link:

Brain Stem  (inverted up-rez)_2406029029_o


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