Tubular 2015

Not so much a cover of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells, but rather some new tapestries draped around the original signature piano riff (which riff I have flipped front-to-back, kind of, just to be contrary). This is my third version of this, using mostly the same performance data. First there was a perfectly good version in […]


Don’t Step On The Glass

Here’s a brand new song I just finished. It starts and ends with the sound of a wet finger on the rim of a wine glass. A persistent if subtly ambiguous rhythmic pattern carries it along. Authentic mellotron makes an appearance here and there, giving the whole thing a vaguely King Crimsony vibe (overall sounding […]


Afternoon of a Fondue

Sorry for the “cheesy” title, a reference to Debussy’s Afternoon of a Faun which my piece in no way resembles, but which still came to mind for some reason when trying to think of a name. Something a little more peaceful, and a couple of centuries more retro, than my usual fare.

YouTube link: […]



Once again, here is a song from 2004, redone in 2015 with fresh ears.

The background video is from the famous 1902 short “A Trip to the Moon“.

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/gTgJmv6XLQ8



Here’s a new version of a song originally from 2004. The background video is archival footage of a Chevy assembly line in Flint MI, circa 1936.

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/KpC2dOwX1hM



Here’s a fun new song that features somebody “talking in tongues” (hence the title) as a kind of voice-over or voice-under, here and there. Some of the voice clips are forwards, some are in reverse. It’s hard to tell sometimes. I may use these clips again, they amuse me.

The source for the glossolalia was […]


Hollow Wallow

Another from 1995, although this one was never finished. I only had the MIDI file, no MP3 or anything, so I’m just recently hearing it myself for the first time in decades. Needed some work, maybe still does, but I’m calling it done for now. It’s kind of a melancholy piece, which if the music […]


Dredge part 1

2015 (via 1995) Another old MIDI file dusted off, imported into modern(-ish) software, and cleaned up. This one goes back even further – it’s based on a riff I used to play on the piano at home when I was in high school, maybe 1972. The 1995 version was awash with synths, and this one […]


Frantic City

Another new/old song from 1995, redone recently. I’m having great fun cleaning up these old MIDI files, although that can also sometimes be a pain. The title is a Flintstones reference (their stone age version of Atlantic City), and also because the pace is rather frantic. I had no idea Frantic City was also a […]


The Legend Continues

Here’s another re-working of a twenty year old song (see yesterday’s post). The title is a reference to an earlier song called “The Stuff of Legend”, available on my album “Gravitas” from online retailers everywhere-ish. This song is a sequel to that one in no way whatsoever except chronologically, and in that they share a […]