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R.I.P. Tiger, 1998-2010

A couple of months ago we lost Lucy, our German Shepherd. See Goodbye Lucy (May 14, 2010). But she’s still living on the farm and we can visit her from time to time.

But this morning we lost our dear sweet bulldog, Tiger. For real.

She’d not been well the last couple of days, but gamely rallied for pee breaks, tackling the stairs (slowly) to join the other dogs for a trip out back. Last night, with some encouragement, she managed to hop up into her favourite chair to go to sleep.

This morning I found her under the bed. She was gone.

Sadly, my wife Lynda is out of town, but Doreen (my mother-in-law) and I saw Tiger off to the vet, and arranged for her cremation. On the ride order soma 350 mg home, we recalled when Tiger was just a little puppy, and we were sitting on the deck at our old house, playing pass-the-bulldog, handing her around from person to person like some precious artifact… which of course she was…

There is a limit of three dogs per household in our municipality, so we had to license Tiger under Doreen’s name, since she lives in a different municipality (albeit just down the road). So I’m glad she got to see her off. They were the best of friends.

So very sad. Going to miss her so much….


From the Archive

From the Archives - Our Bulldog Flies Home

December 2002: Her health having deteriorated in the hot California smog, Tiger ultimately had to be med-evacced back to gentler climes. Lynda and Doreen also had their own seats on the plane.

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