Three Dog Day

More like a three dog week, as this fellow joins us for a visit for a few days. His name is Clyde.


Against all odds, I managed to get the three of them in frame for a group photo to commemorate the occasion.

Bell, Cody, Clyde

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Padauk and Holly Box

I made this small box (about 4.5 inches) from padauk and holly. The circle pattern was done on the lathe, then I spray-painted the whole lid. When it dried I scraped off the paint that wasn’t safely down in the circle grooves. Some paint stayed in the small pores of the wood as well, but that looked cool to my eye, so I went along with it.

Padauk and Holly Box

Padauk and Holly Box

Tall Ships in Owen Sound 2013

The Tall Ships have come to Owen Sound! Or at least three of them. I’m not a fan boy, so I don’t know their names or anything, but I’m always up for a photo op, so here they are. More info at where you can also see them with their sails all unfurled, which looks more impressive.




This one is probably not a Tall Ship, per se, though it is both tall, and a ship.


Bubinga and Holly Grinder
This is a small spice grinder, the last of the kits I got a while back. Saving this one for me, I think. I changed the shape a little from the other ones, seems to work for my hand. It’s made from some of my dwindling stock of figured bubinga, with a holly stripe.

Four Teeny Tiny Bubinga Bowls
I didn’t want to waste any of that lovely figured bubinga, so with offcuts from preparing the blank for the bubinga spice grinder, I made these teeny tiny bubinga bowls. I like to say “bubinga”.

Tinier and Tiniest Bowls

Three Teeny Tiny Treens
I just made these three little tiny things. I’m calling them “treens” here, but they don’t have lids, so maybe they’re bowls. They kinda look like shot glasses.

Tiniest Bowl
Okay, this is as small a bowl as anybody would need, outside of the dollhouse market I guess. It’s just under an inch high, and about an inch and a quarter across. Just BARELY holds two small earrings. The earrings belong to my wife, who came out with a rare “can I have it?” Another happy customer, especially as I gave it to her for free.

Oh Cruel Ice Storm (April 12, 2013)

Oh cruel ice storm,
Your brittle rain of terror
must finally end.

A late season blast of wintry weather in Southern Ontario manifested as freezing rain and ice pellets in many areas. We lost power for about three hours in the middle of the night, so it could have been worse.

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Oh Cruel Ice Storm

Ice Storm: Tree of Ice

Ice Storm: Frozen Feeder

Ice Storm: Icy Chipmunk

Ice Storm: Garden of Earthly Delights

Ice Storm: Arbour Drips

Ice Storm: Lattice Drips

Ice Storm: To Scrape or Not To Scrape

Ice Storm: Hose Drips