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Recent Projects: Longwood Click Pens

These are a new (to me) design, called “Longwood Click Pens”. Aptly named, because they’re a decent size, and the single-barrel construction really shows off the wood. And they’re the only “click”-style pen I’ve encountered, so that’s refreshing too.

Woods are (l-r) Zebrawood (2), Pink Ivory, Walnut, Paduak, Cherry, Lacewood.

Small PineTable

Small PineTable, originally uploaded by rgdaniel.

The “design” for this is not only dead simple, but was lifted from an existing table of ours, which was kind of messed up and needed replacing. Just four straight legs, four stretchers mortised into the legs, and a square top made from four narrower boards. If this table was a song, it would definitely be in 4/4 time.

My Bad-ass Cane

My Bad-ass Cane, originally uploaded by rgdaniel.

I recently slipped on the ice in our driveway while taking the dogs out for a walk. Lying there in the snow, I wondered if *I* would ever walk again. I had to crawl through the fresh powder (covering the ice) to reach a doorknob to help pull myself upright, and hobble in agony back into the house. Let’s not even TALK about negotiating the stairs.

But that was a couple of days ago, and now I have this very bad-ass walking cane. It’s a bit of a mystery, we’re not quite sure where it came from or what its story is, but for now, its story is that it helps me stay upright for short periods of time.

I’m doing a very good cranky-old-geezer impression, waving it around and making demands. Nobody much listens, but it does make me feel better. A little.

Five Wine Stoppers

Five Wine Stoppers, originally uploaded by rgdaniel.

Another smart shopper allowed me to make these bottle stoppers in plenty of time for her holiday gift list. The three on the left are made from Pau Ferro, and the two on the right are Padauk. These are two of my favourite woods to work with. I also enjoy James Woods, but not so much Tiger Woods, though I’ve never actually worked with either of them.

“Cigar” Style Pen + Letter Opener – with case

The wood here was labeled as “Silky Oak” but looks exactly like what I’ve been getting as “Lacewood”… Wikipedia suggests they’re the same wood, from Australia.

Available for purchase from my Etsy store… don’t let the Holidays sneak up on you!!