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Rolling Pins

Rolling Pins, originally uploaded by rgdaniel.

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This is a pair of small rolling pins made from hard maple with prominent zebrawood accents. I made these as a custom order — the dimensions are as per the customer’s specs, about 10 inches long by about 2 inches diameter for the larger one, a bit less for the smaller one. The tapered one is a so-called "French rolling pin". Both are intended to be used one-handed.

Big Stripey Board – Now with Zebrawood!

My latest Big Stripey Board, now featuring Zebrawood. I love what the zebrawood adds, I’ll be doing that again for sure. Species from the outside edges are Purpleheart, Quilted Maple, Walnut, Zebrawood, then Purpleheart again, buy soma paypal then Maple in the middle.

The board measures 10″ x 15″ by 1.25″. Usual features include finger grip recesses for easy lifting, and little rubber feet to keep the wood up off the wet counter. Finished with plain old mineral oil for ultimate food safety.

Six Pack the Hard Way

Six Pack the Hard Way, originally uploaded by rgdaniel.

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We just made our first visit to our newly opened LCBO, which promised increased space compared to the old store, affording a bigger selection of Ontario microbrews. It did not disappoint.

The Neustadt Scottish Pale Ale is a regular favourite, and the Kawartha Lakes Raspberry Wheat Beer is also one I believe I’ve enjoyed in the past. But the other four — the Witchwood Hobgoblin ("Legendary Ruby Beer"), the Amsterdam Oranje Weisse, the Trafalgar Cherry Ale, and the Hop City Barking Squirrel Lager — are all new to us.

Barkwhistle Livestock

A collection of all my YouTube videos that feature the animals of Barkwhistle, from a baby bunny who was only with us for a couple of days, to the dogs who share (or shared) our lives, to the fish who barely know what’s going on, because they’re fish.

Tough guy:

Little guy:

Fuzzy little guys:

Spoiled guys:

More mallards:

Feeding the Fowl:

Courting Cornelia:

Baby bunny:

Rowdy robin:

Pileated peckerhead:

Gorgeous George:

Feeding Fishies:

Herding Hounds:

Me and DeWalt Bunnykins

Me and DeWalt Bunnykins

Fountain Pen

Fountain Pen, originally uploaded by rgdaniel.

I just made five of these beauties. One has gone to my wife, who is sophisticated enough to actually use it properly, I expect. Two are going off in the mail to my sister, who has a buyer for one already. Leaving two to have for sale here. I won’t be using one myself, I’m not optimistic I would manage it without making a big mess.

I”ve just learned that you can install either the cartridge, for the self-contained thing, or else this little pumpy thing, which draws up ink from an inkwell, for that traditional writing experience.

The wood is Bethlehem Holy Land olive wood (certificate of authenticity included), the pen style is "Sedona" (same as the Rollerball pens I’m so fond of) and it’s gold plating.

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Angus Roast Beef

Our dogs are accustomed to only the finest things in life. Here they are delaying their gratification of enjoying some delicious Angus Roast Beef. Although this is a smaller portion than they would probably have preferred, it does bear mentioning that they had just enjoyed their usual lunchtime helping of kibble. This is basically dessert.

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Offended, originally uploaded by rgdaniel.

This fellow was apparently offended by me on a couple of levels. When he sent the first message on Facebook (he’s not among my Friends) it was during atheist week, and he apparently took exception to me based on my icon being the official Atheist Week “A” that was going around. I hadn’t really POSTED anything inflammatory, just the notification of it BEING Atheist Week. He was worried for my soul, I guess. Just looking out for me.

By the time I noticed his message, I had changed my icon to the dog, a reference to my new “Signed, The Dog” Twitter account ( ). Well this too was a problem for him, apparently.

Can’t please everybody I guess.