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Barkwhistle Snow Trench and Overhang

We’ve had so much snow this winter that the path to the front door, and the path to the backyard fenced-in area, have become trenches that are now dramatically deep. Which means the dog can stay off leash on the way to the back, because where’s he gonna go?

Three Dog Day

More like a three dog week, as this fellow joins us for a visit for a few days. His name is Clyde.


Against all odds, I managed to get the three of them in frame for a group photo to commemorate the occasion.

Bell, Cody, Clyde

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Bowl From 2009

Bowl From 2009, originally uploaded by rgdaniel.

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In November 2009 I took some private instruction on the lathe from local wood turner Larry Cluchey. I started a bowl from green wood that day, then sealed it up and put it away for "a few months" to wait for it to dry. Today I dug it out and finished it. I don’t recall what type of wood this is, but it would have been something from his property, nothing exotic.

Rolling Pins

Rolling Pins, originally uploaded by rgdaniel.

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This is a pair of small rolling pins made from hard maple with prominent zebrawood accents. I made these as a custom order — the dimensions are as per the customer’s specs, about 10 inches long by about 2 inches diameter for the larger one, a bit less for the smaller one. The tapered one is a so-called "French rolling pin". Both are intended to be used one-handed.