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Woodchip Mountain

♫ Oh to live on, Woodchip Mountain ♫

Woodchip Mountain

Barely made a dent in Woodchip Mountain, but I’ll be back… It disappears quicker than you’d think possible… people love free mulch…

Woodchip Path

Bell vs Garbage Can Lid

I stepped out into the workshop for less than one hour. When I came back into the house, I immediately noticed the small garbage can in the laundry room was tipped over. It normally only holds lint from the dryer, but this time it also happened to hold the remains of an empty can of goldfish food, which is apparently also of interest to dogs. I went to set things right, but soon realized the garbage can lid was missing. Oh wait, there it is. Around Bell’s neck. She may be old and feeble, but she’s not beyond a few hijinx…

Bell vs Garbage Can Lid

Run For Your Lives!

I was out for final pee of the night with the doggies last night, in the middle of the ice storm, under our enormous willow tree, when I heard a large CRACK like a rifle shot. I threw my hands over my head, so as not to get killed, and Cody ran for the gate, Bell and I right behind.(Bell is deaf, so she probably didn’t understand the urgency). We skedaddled in time, but literally five seconds after we made good our escape, on the path back to the house we heard ANOTHER loud crack. This morning we saw the evidence, two rather large branches came down RIGHT WHERE WE WERE STANDING!!! (You’d “shout” too if you were me). Oy.

Run For Your Lives!

Neighbour’s whole tree came down in the ice storm. Fortunately it was leaning into the open area of his yard, and not the other way, which would have taken out our fence and sheds.

Neighbour's Tree

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Shrub and Pond