Beautiful as the Moon, now with big floating guy in the sky

When I was on my honeymoon in Killarney Provincial Park with my trophy wife Lynda, I took some photos, as one does. One of them, a photo of the full moon rising over the trees of Bell Lake, eventually became this photo:

Beautiful as the Moon... (redux)

It was very successful (by my standards anyway) on Flickr, and when it recently got another Fave, I decided to do a Goggle image search on it, as one does. It’s always fun to see who’s stealing photos for their own purposes. As one does. So this photo, a fully secular tribute to the full moon, so pagan you can almost hear me howling, got re-purposed into some kind of Hindu prayer talisman, or something. Of all things. The guy floating in the sky, needless to say, was added by others and does not meet with my approval.

Lynda said “why don’t you issue a take-down”. I said I’d be doing that every day, assuming I knew how and had endless funds to give to lawyers. Anyway I thought it was amusing. Here’s the link to the offending website, tagline “where devotion meets reality” LOL.