Owen Sound Dragon Boat

On a perfect spring evening, May 15, I went down to the Owen Sound boat launch to watch as my wife participated in the maiden voyage of the 2012 Owen Sound Tuesday Night Dragon Boat Team, and in fact the maiden voyage of the Dragon Boat herself.

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Picnic Tables
Picnic tables next to the boat launch. These probably get a lot of use during the summer.

Lynda Gets Her Game Face On
Lynda gets her game face on. Like all top athletes, she has to find her centre, or something.

The Dragon Boat (sans dragon)
The chariot awaits. The dragon boat has no drum or dragon accoutrements at this stage, as they are too fragile to risk during practice runs.

Dragon Boat Team Prayer Circle, or something
The team has a bonding moment before boarding.

Boarding the Dragon Boat
After determining seating arrangements (decorum prevents me from disclosing the criteria that determine seating, but I was proud to see my wife up front in the skinny section of the craft) the group begins boarding.

Last Minute Instruction
With all paddlers aboard, the crew gives some last minute instruction at dockside, before climbing aboard and casting off.

Dragon Boat Away!
After successfully reversing away from the dock (see the video clip below) the maiden voyage of the 2012 Owen Sound Tuesday Night Dragon Boat Team is successfully underway!

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Here is a video of the maiden voyage of this crew, and the maiden launch of the craft herself:

(Link to YouTube page: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrstDelIT0g)