Bachmann-eyezed Bulldog

Republican presidential candidate and foot-long corn dog lover (that is to say, the corn dogs are a foot long; I think she’s a tad longer) recently appeared on the cover of Newsweek magazine. The photo drew some controversy for the, let’s call it, madcap gleam in her eyes:

Michelle Bachmanns eyes

Michelle Bachmann's eyes

This has sparked a meme of the kind I most enjoy, a meme involving using Photoshop to make one thing into another thing. In this case, the process has been dubbed “Bachmann-eyezing”. For examples, see .

Here then is my small contribution to the Bachmann-eyezed meme, a photo of our dear departed bulldog, Tiger, with that madcap gleam in her eyes.

Tiger Bachmann-eyezed

Tiger Bachmann-eyezed

No disrespect towards bulldogs is intended.