How to Hide the New Facebook Questions Feature

UPDATE – Forget this whole thing and just install “Better Face Book” plugin for Firefox.

How to HIDE the new Facebook “Questions” feature from your News Feed (EASY version)

[update: forgot to say, here’s the original article I based this on]

Facebook “Questions” can soon dominate the “information” in your “News” Feed, so I went looking for a way to be able to Hide these posts. As a native Facebook feature, it can’t be hidden via the little X button the way you would hide posts from, say, Farmville. Do people still play that? Dunno.

The solution I found was fairly geeky, so I thought I would try to make it simpler. It’s the same solution, I’m just going to break it down a little. The original article was a bit daunting…

You need:

Firefox browser

Greasemonkey Add-on to Firefox

FFixer script for Greasemonkey

The first three steps are to install these three things, in that order, using the links above.

1. Install Firefox as your browser, if you haven’t already. Actually, if you haven’t, you’ll probably say screw it at this point. Up to you. B-)

2. Install Greasemonkey. Nothing to it, just hit the install link.

Greasemonkey alone does exactly nothing, it is just an environment into which you can install any number of user scripts that do any number of things to the way a browser displays certain pages. There’s a whack of them for Flickr, as many of you know…

3. Install FFixer. Again, nothing to it, just hit the install link.

FFixer is a Greasemonkey script which will provide a somewhat modified Facebook viewing experience. I found the defaults were pretty good, and didn’t really mess with them too much. You can experiment with the settings. I actually abandoned an earlier solution for eliminating the Facebook clutter in favour of this one.

4. Configure FFixer. You’ll find the link for this on your now-modified Facebook page under the “Account” menu at top right.

5. Click on “Advanced” when the Configure window opens.

6. Look for the first big empty text box titled “Custom Feed Modification” about halfway down the “Advanced” page.

7. In that box enter these two NEGATIVE numbers:


Just like that, hitting enter for a line feed after the first one.

8. Click “Save Custom Feed Modification” button under the text box you just typed the numbers into.

9. Close the Configure window, and you’re done!

10. You can still view and participate in the “Questions” feature by clicking the “Questions” link in the left-side navigation on your News Feed page.

I’m not hating on “Questions” so if you love it, don’t hate on ME. As the kids say.

Hope this helps.

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